Monday, April 7, 2008

Decorating Babies' Bathroom

One delimma I faced when I was expecting my sons' was converting our guest bathroom into a bathroom for little boys. I had spent countless hours painting that bathroom one coat of grey primer and two coats of red so there was no way I was repainting it. My sons' bedroom is decorated in Alphabet Soup from Pottery Barn Kids, so I wanted the bathroom to coordinate. Unfortunately, that particular line of bedding only came with a bathmat and hand towel... no shower curtain (and no red in the bathmat either)! For the shower curtain, I bought a regular green gingham shower curtain from Pottery Barn Kids. I thought I would buy some extra window valances and put a valance over the shower curtain and get some red into the bathroom. But, of course, the window valances have every color in them other than red. My solution -- make a shower curtain valance using one of the crib sheets, line it with white fabric and trim it in red gingham. Actually, my mom did all of the sewing. I have aspirations of learning to sew but there are only so many hours in a day. For about $25 worth of fabric (most of that was the overpriced crib sheet), I had a shower curtain that I love.

To bring some more color (and red) into the room, I chose 4 of the animals that are on the quilts in my sons' bedroom and painted them on to artist canvases stretched over wood frames. The canvases and my acrylic paint set cost about $20 at my local craft store. I know they aren't perfect, but hey this is a kid's bathroom, not a museum. For my first attempt at painting, I'm pretty happy with them. And the most important thing is that I didn't have to repaint the whole bathroom...

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Anonymous said...

Way cute! I just linked your blog and etsy shop to my blog, I hope that's ok. I was showing off some of your crochet patterns that I adore.