Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pattern Update: Vegetables

I decided to combine the vegetable patterns from my Vegetable Garden, Fruit & Veggie, Learning Colors and Grocery Shopping patterns into one pattern. I also added cauliflower and made some of the vegetables a little smaller. The result is my new pattern for vegetables. If you previously purchased the Fruit & Veggie pattern from my shop and want the updated pattern for free, just send me a convo through Etsy. And if you could please reference in your convo the date you purchased the pattern that would help me find it in my records. Thank you :)


Crystal said...

I was wondering if you were also gonna do a separate pattern for fruits?
Thanks for letting us know *hugs*

Anna said...

Hi, Crystal! Yes, I'm also going to do a fruit pattern but I can't make any promises as to when. I'm suddendly swamped at work and haven't crocheted a single thing in over a week!

Anna said...

Hi, Crystal! I finally finished the fruit pattern. I will have it posted in my Etsy shop later tonight. Anna :)