Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My favorite free crochet patterns: Pillow Pets

Everytime my sons see Pillow Pets on TV or in the store they want all of them! We have the tricerotops Pillow Pet but we would go broke buying the dolphin, frog and all of the other ones LOL! Here are some free patterns so that you can make affordable Pillow Pets. I haven't had time to try any of these yet but they look adorable :)

Sock monkey



UPDATE: unfortunately the puppy and giraffe pillow pals patterns were taken down by the creator of those patterns. A few of you have written to me to ask if I have copies of those patterns and I just wanted to let you know that I do not.


Karina said...

Thanks for the links, they look great. Can't wait to make my own :)

Dorte said...

Thank you so much for those links - they look absolutely amazing :-)

WolleWahn said...

So cute, thank you very mutch!

Karline said...

So cute...Thank you! :)

lucky said...
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Unknown said...

I made the unicorn into a horse because it is my granddaughter's favorite animal. I added legs with hooves, because I knew she would want them and wonder why they weren't there. Thanks a bunch. I am also making the monkey, turtle, owl, lion and dog for the other 6 grandkids.