Thursday, March 3, 2011

My favorite free crochet patterns: Baby grab ball

Here is another one of my favorite free patterns. I have only made a couple of these but everytime someone sees one they ask me where I found the pattern. I made mine using a size D hook and Patons Grace yarn, following the instructions for the sport weight yarn rather than thread.

They are super easy to crochet but the assembly is a little time consuming. Here are some tips that may make assembly easier. When you finish each oval, leave a tail for sewing that is 12" long or so. You will use this tail to sew the oval to the cone and then join the cones together. Also, it may be a little easier to assemble if you delete rows 3 and 5 of the triangles. I'm going to try that next time because the triangles seemed a little too long and when you assemble the ball the points of the triangles all bunch together in the center. Finally, you have to be careful not to stuff the pieces too much or it makes it hard to sew it all together.


kals said...

the ball is a great idea for babies but you have to let people know that they have to arrange the point on the ball b/c i didnt secure it

Anna said...

Hi, Kals. This is not my pattern, just a free pattern that I found online and wanted to share. You are correct that the pattern does not call for the points of the triangles to be sewn to the ball so you have to arrange them.